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Dynatrace for SREs: Data-Driven Problem Remediation

SREs (Site Reliability Engineers) need to ensure the resiliency of their systems. One aspect of this is to automate the remediation sequences when new problems are detected which results in higher availability and lowers MTTR (Mean Time to Repair/Resolution). #Dynatrace Cloud Automation provides data-driven problem remediation by orchestration remediation sequences when Dynatrace Davis detects a problem. The new Webhook capabilities allow SREs to connect any of your incident management, remediation, notification, or configuration management tools to those automation sequences.

In this Observability Clinic, we have Rob Jahn, Sr. Technical Partner Manager, giving us a live demo of integrating Atlassian, Slack, any custom webhook, #Dynatrace and more tools into an automated problem remediation sequence.

To see more integrations check out the Dynatrace Hub at https://dynatr.ac/36UVlMl.

Chapter List:
00:00 – Introduction
04:04 – Demo Overview
06:06 – Live Demo