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Automating SLOs (Service Level Objectives) with Dynatrace

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are gaining a lot of traction amongst DevOps and SRE Teams as they are used to hold them accountable when deploying and operating applications and services.

The true potential of SLOs is however not harnessed when just using them in production to report on whether you are on target. The true potential is when you automate SLOs as Code into the end-2-end Software Delivery Lifecycle, starting with production and shifting left towards development.

In this performance clinic Andreas Grabner, DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, will walk you through the lifecycle of an SLO. You will learn how to:

- Create and Manage SLOs for production
- Automate Release Validation with SLOs
- Shift-Left SLOs into Delivery Pipeline Quality Gates

Chapter List:
01:18 - Why we need SLOs?
02:24 - What is an SLO?
06:34 - What are good SLIs and SLOs?
08:24 - SLO Dashboard to start with
10:20 - Connecting AI to SLOs
11:49 - Challenge SLOs as part of Lifecycle
13:30 - Shifting SLOs from Ops to Dev with Dynatrace
15:59 - 3 Hands-On Exercises
17:11 - Lab 1: Production Reliability
35:45 - Lab 2: Release Validation
47:50 - Lab 3: Shift-Left into Dev
57:57 - Call to Action