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Building custom solutions on top of the Dynatrace API featuring Versio io

The Dynatrace API is meant to feed more data into the Dynatrace Davis AI, integrate Dynatrace data with your BizDevOps tools as well as extract data to be leveraged in external third party solutions.

In this Performance Clinic; Matthias Scholze, CEO of QMETHODS, will demonstrate Versio.io, a Dynatrace API based solution to extract and historicize Dynatrace data. Matthias will demo Versio.io’s key use cases such as Instance history viewer, operations diary, governance, compliance, risk and more. Join to learn how Versio.io is using the Dynatrace Smartscape, Timeseries, Events and Problem API and let it inspire you to build your own extensions and integrations.

Matthias is joined by Andreas Grabner and both will open up for public Q&A to answer any questions you have about the Dynatrace API or the specifics on how Versio.io is leveraging specific Dynatrace API calls to implement these use cases.