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How Volkswagen Drives Customer Delight with Web Performance

James Carra, Manager of Hosting Operations at Volkswagen Group of America, shows you how his team re-launched their flagship website successfully. If you're responsible for similar projects, you know it doesn't always go this smoothly...

Sometimes you spend months getting your app ready for the big launch, go-time comes, traffic begins hitting the site and within minutes it slows to a crawl. Before you know it, users are leaving in droves and your brand name is taking a beating across every social media outlet.

Join us for a live webinar to learn how VWGoA was able to re-launch without incident.

Hear how they:
• Kept a “cool” war room by isolating and resolving production hang-ups in minutes
• Continuously improved end-user response time/performance by 25% post-launch
• Gained end-to-end visibility of user experience during high-stakes launch time