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Automate Security Gates into your Delivery Pipeline with Dynatrace

#Log4Shell has reminded us about the importance of automating security remediations. Better than remediating an issue in production is to prevent it from making it into production by integrating security vulnerability checks into your delivery orchestration.

In this episode, Kristof Renders, Innovation Practice Manager at Dynatrace, shows us how to leverage #Dynatrace AppSec with your Dynatrace Cloud Automation Release Validation. In the live demo, he shows a Jenkins delivery pipeline that gets automatically stopped due to detecting a vulnerability in a Node.js app.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:00 – What I will show you today
00:04:43 – Log4Shell Timeline
00:07:00 – Dynatrace AppSec
00:10:30 - Automate Release Validation: Functionality, Performance, Security
00:14:20 - Live Demo