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Automating Application Security to Detect & Remediate Vulnerabilities like Log4Shell with Dynatrace

Are we vulnerable? At what scale? Where do we start? These are the three key questions security experts ask themselves every time a new vulnerability – such as Log4Shell - is detected.

In this session, Daniel Kaar, Director AppSec Sales Engineering at #Dynatrace, walks us through the pros and cons of traditional approaches such as scanning source code, container images, file systems or executing penetration tests. Daniel then explains the technical details of Dynatrace’s Application Security capabilities and why it’s the only solution on the market today that automatically prioritizes vulnerabilities based on dynamic runtime information such risk of exposure or risk of accessing data.

If you want to learn more check out Dynatrace’s resource center on Detect and remediate #Log4Shell: https://dynatr.ac/3IddulB

Chapter List:
00:00 – Intro
01:07 – Quick overview of Dynatrace Vulnerability Detection
01:42 – 3 Questions Security Experts need to answer
02:18 – Are we vulnerable?
04:30 – At what scale are we vulnerable?
05:40 – Where do we start fixing?
08:30 – Live demo Dynatrace AppSec