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A Practical Guide to DQL (Dynatrace Query Language)

#Dynatrace Query Language (DQL) is the single query language to explore, query, combine and process ALL of your observability data stored in Grail.

Whether its identifying problem hotspots in your infrastructure, extracting business data from your logs or quickly accessing all relevant observability data for a particular application, container or host: Those and many other questions can be answered through DQL.

Watch this tutorial where Peter Zahrer, Principal Product Manager at Dynatrace, walks us through DQL by giving hands-on examples on common use cases. He is crafting DQLs from scratch and explains every step along the way!

If you want to give Dynatrace a try, sign up for a trial: https://bit.ly/dtsaastrial

To learn more about DQL, access the following resources:
DQL Documentation: https://dynatr.ac/42tW3Im
Language Reference: https://dynatr.ac/3TyHMGe
Log Analytics Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHCSNZK9dUo

Chapter List:
00:00 – Introduction
01:08 – What you'll learn today
01:33 – What is Grail and DQL
02:46 – DQL: ONE Language for all data
04:07 – Anatomy of a DQL Query
05:55 – Demo Overview
07:00 – LIVE Demo
34:16 – Wrap Up

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