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Dynatrace and OpenTelemetry work #BetterTogether

OpenTelemetry is an open-source CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) project providing a collection of tools, APIs, and SDKs for capturing metrics, distributed traces, and logs from applications.

OpenTelemetry is gaining significant attention in the market, and it is expected to become the de-facto standard for the pre-instrumentation of cloud-native libraries and frameworks as well as custom instrumentation of developer-specific diagnostic points.

OpenTelemetry does not provide backend or analytics capabilities, however, it provides several integration points for observability platforms to ingest the collected data.

In this Performance Clinic, Daniela Rabiser, Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace, and Wayne Segar, Sales Engineer at Dynatrace, will show how Dynatrace helps IT operations teams and Site Reliability Engineers to leverage OpenTelemetry data to gain end-to-end observability insights in the following scenarios:

Complex cloud-native monitoring environments involving a fully managed cloud service only exposing OTLP traces as spans but don’t allow for agents to be deployed.
Engineering teams using technologies, including third-party libraries and frameworks or programming languages, that aren’t covered by Dynatrace out-of-the-box, but do emit OpenTelemetry trace data.
Retaining instrumentation investments from development teams that are using OpenTelemetry custom instrumentation to enrich monitoring data with project-specific details (for example, to add business data or capture developer-specific diagnostics points).