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Webinar: Driving Node.js Innovation - Critical Tools For Your Success

No matter how well-built your applications are, countless issues can cause performance problems (even downtime!), putting the platforms they are running on under scrutiny. If you've moved to Node.js to power your applications, you may be at risk of these issues calling your choice into question. How do you identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk to take the focus off troubleshooting the technology and back where it belongs, on innovation?

Node.js delivers performance, scalability, and speed of innovation for enterprise applications and has rapidly taken over as the preferred server-side environment.

In this Webinar Dan Shaw, CTO of NodeSource, and Daniel Kahn, Performance Advocate from Dynatrace, discuss the challenges facing organizations standardizing on Node.js and best practices that drive success. You'll learn:
How to architect Node.js deployments for security, productivity, and performance
The best ways to protect your applications in the face of rapid change and innovation
Ways to identify vulnerabilities in your application so you can protect revenue and prevent downtime
How a holistic view of how your Node application will help you avoid having to hunt down issues
How to get the mission-critical support you need to innovate with Node.js