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DevOps Journey Series: Part 5 - BizOps Done Right

Better business results is one of the top value drivers for DevOps because it promises higher quality user experience and satisfaction, according to “The State of DevOps Report”. It also reduces costs and improves operational efficiency. In large enterprises, individual business units responsible for specific digital touchpoints like the website, mobile apps, and even kiosks, embrace DevOps to optimize that channel for the end-user.

This has led to new silos between business units. Instead of having a holistic view of the entire customer journey across all digital touchpoints we see competing, disconnected teams that are not aligned for business success.

Investments in DevOps are wasted if it doesn’t support the bottom line – which is happy customers and positive business outcomes!

This webinar series highlights the key learnings in the optimal connection of business and DevOps – across industries like airlines, banking, retail and telecommunications. We’ll cover:

• How companies are connecting “feedback loops” across their digital delivery pipelines to improve business synchronization and success
• Specific areas in the delivery pipeline where you can add best practices for better performing touchpoints and faster responding apps – removing the possibility of frustrated end-users
• Insight into how you can gain a holistic view across the digital user journey, for increased visibility into decisions and improvements